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W4B1 S4B1- Virtual Reality Immersive Art Exhibition

Inspired by the rapid popularisation of virtual reality, I decided to investigate if virtual reality technology can make exhibiting immersive art more accessible for independent artists. This project explored the process of creating such an exhibition in Unreal Engine and investigated different techniques of spatial sound implementation for VR environments using Wwise. I decided to confront the overwhelming digital world with the beauty of nature by creating generative visuals involving patterns inspired by nature. To juxtapose the real and virtual world further, I chose Touch Designer, which is s a node-based visual programming language, as my primary tool for generating the visual content.

Ammersive- Selected Work

Ignite your imagination and nurture your mind with our 3D immersive audio escapes, using the latest spatial audio techniques to surround you in sound.

Some of my favourite projects that I created for Ammersive.

Sprite Fright #scorerelief2022 

Sprite Fright is a dark animated comedy telling a story of a group of students on a field trip. The film changes from a very friendly looking animation into a pretty scary horror movie, so I decided to emphasise its grotesque character in my score but keep it empathetic and support the misleading audience expectations created by the plot.

Midnight Sun Iceland - (Re-Scored)

The artistic aim of my score to Midnight Sun Iceland was to emphasise the beauty of the shots and create an enigmatic atmosphere that echoes the mysterious character of the Icelandic landscape. The film does not include any voice-over, what left me morespace to create the atmosphere and set the production's tone using music. The video structure inspired me to create a score consisting of many musical gestures that highlight the long, steady shots and contrast them with rhythmical patterns resonating with the accelerated time-lapses.

Empiricism 2020- multichannel video installation

_The.West Window_

A site specific audio visual installation

at St Mary de Castro Church in Leicester.

The artistic purpose of Empiricisms 2020 was to place multichannel video in an installation art context. I aimed to create an audiovisual composition inspired by my reflection on 2020 when everybody needed to fit into the new reality. 

I captured the video content during zoom meetings (With the participants' consent), created the multichannel video in Adobe Premiere, and produced music and sound design in Ableton Live.


This short film was a part of my research on the influence of rapid editing and sound design on the audience's emotional response.

Mesons and Flames

Director/Dop/Story: Konrad Klisowski 

Cam op: Marek Talaska 

Sound Design & Music: Aleksander Kaczmarek 

Audio Post: Julian Gołosz 

Osek Racing 1 i 2 runda WSMP

Sound design and music produced for a promotional video of Kacper Osek.

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